Security Arrangement

The Bank of China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macao Bridge (Hong Kong Section) Half Marathon 2023 is set to take place on the Hong Kong Link Road of the Hong Kong – Zhuhai- Macao Bridge. As the Bridge is one of the major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, and the route course is located within a restricted zone, hence all participants must comply with the following regulations:


Participants must fill in their personal particulars that is consistent with the identification document (HKID Card or passport). Relevant personal information may transfer to the relevant Department of Government of the HKSAR for the use of application of Closed Area Permit and security checking.

Runner’s Pack Collection

Participants should present their identification documents to the official to check and confirm the personal particulars printed on the number bib and identification documents are the same.

Event Day

1. Participants must bring the following items to the Assembly Venue- AsiaWorld-Expo. If a participant cannot present any of the below items, s/he will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Original HKID card or passport (same document as used in the event registration)
Number Bib (with timing chip)

2. If any discrepancies are found between the identification document and the personal particulars printed on the number bib, or a participant present the identification documents or number bibs belong to others, the Organiser will forbid s/he to start or participate in any part of the race and/ or enter any part of the race venue.

3. Participants are required to arrive at the Assembly Venue at least 70 minutes prior to the designated start time. Latecomers will be disqualified, and entry fee will not be refunded.

Category Start Time Assembly Entrance Cut-off Time
Challenge 7:30am 6:20am
Run 1 8:10am 7:00am
Run 2 8:50am 7:40am

4. Participants must start the race at the designated start time. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to participate in the race and relevant results will be disqualified, and no result certificate and finisher medal will be awarded.

5. Entries, number bibs and timing chips are non-transferable. Upon discovery of such irregularities, participants concerned will be disqualified. The Organiser reserves the right to forbid and prohibit such person from participating in future races and events organised by the Organiser.

6. Participants must wear their number bib until completion of the race and returning to the Assembly Venue. Any participant who is found removing his/ her number bib without valid reasons or not under the directions of the officials, the Organiser will disqualify his/her entry or relevant results.

7. Instructions given by the Organiser and race officials must be followed with respect to all matters not provided herein. The Organiser reserves the right to reject the concerned participants to participate in the competition.